06.07.2009, 20:47
Cellulite is actually little pockets of fat under your skin, your blood circulation does not easily reach these areas.  This anti-cellulite gel with Elier extract helps to break down fat and the blood circulation will reach all areas in your skin.
This gel will reduce the fatty look of cellulite and skin's surface will be slimmer and more lifted and sculpted.  Skin's natural network support will be much stronger.  Elier Unique amplifies the skin's own energy to melt away the look of cellulite.
With Elier Unique anti-cellulite gel, the skin on the thighs is redefined, reshaped and toned, cellulite visibly reduced.

How to use:

• Use after skin cleansing with Shower Gel.
• Better apply morning and evening to areas that are prone to cellulite.
• Gently massage onto dry skin with circular movements 10 minutes approximately.
• After apply Smoothing and Nourishing Body Cream for more firmer look.
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