SPA HOME. Nourishing Body Cream 200ml
06.07.2009, 20:49
Elier gently smoothes and nourishes the skin. Special microelements that protect skin from the effects of negative environmental factors and stimulates the natural cell renewal process, at the same time maintaining the skin's moisture.
This luxurious, rich body cream nourishes and relaxes skin for a smoother, younger look. Protects against dryness and restores moisture improving skin's resilience, radiance and natural balance. It strengthen skin's supportive network for a firmer look. Skin instantly relieve dryness.
Fast absorbing body cream softens, moisturizes, and increases elasticity while nourishing your skin with Elier. Skin feels soft, supple and rejuvenated all day.

How to use:

• Gently apply onto cleansed skin AM or PM.
• Apply and massage with circular movements.
• Before it use Protective and Nourishing Body Mask for better results.
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