SPA HOME. Protective and Nourishing Body Mask 200ml
06.07.2009, 20:52
With the help of all-natural Elier ingredients, the mask simultaneously cleanses, hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin.  It improves its physiological characteristics and vitality.  Elier keeps skin looking younger longer by increasing skin's natural defences against environmental damage.
It stimulates a production of new capillaries.
Delivers a feeling of relaxation while treating stressed skin.  Elier leaves a sensation of cooling and refreshing.
This mask helps refine and reshape your silhouette, improves preventing appearance of cellulite.  The orange peel effect is visibly reduced.  Elier releasing stored fat and stimulate drainage to filter fatty deposit.
Elier calms sensitive skin, strengthens and tones tired skin, nourishes and hydrates dry skin, revitalizes and renews mature skin.

How to use:

• Before it use Body Scrub for better results.
• Apply onto cleaned skin twice a week.
• After 25-30 minutes rinse it off.
• Follow with Smoothing and Nourishing Body Cream.
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