SPA HOME. Perfectly Soft Clean Milk 500ml
06.07.2009, 20:55
Milk is suitable for all skin types.


Cleansing Milk Elier purifies face from cosmetics, toxic metabolic products, atrophic cells and atmospheric pollution. Dissolves well in water, does not contain fat, gets deeply in the voids of skin, affects gently and efficiently. Soothes skin cells, moisturizes and normalizes dry skin, reduces greasiness of skin. Enriches skin cells with oxygen; natural mineral substances, microelements, pro-vitamins, amino acid. Improves  skin  giving it healthy look. Contains Shi oil and lipovitamin complex with the vitamins A and E.


Milk can be applied daily in the morning and evening when purifying skin from the make up, dirt and excretes of fat without irritating skin. Apply a little amount on the face and neck, massage with fingertips using circular movements. Remove the remains with tissue paper or wash with water. Then use Elier Balancing Lotion , Elier Regenerating and Refining Serum and Elier Nourishing and Calming Face Cream.
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