SPA HOME. Nourishing and Calming Face Cream 500ml
06.07.2009, 21:00
Gentle and light day and night cream for all skin types.


Contains special microelements, which protect skin from negative environmental effects and stimulate cell regenerating natural process at the same time retaining skin moisture. Smoothes wrinkles and gives a healthy look to skin. Cream helps maintain healthy skin, removes inflammation. Protects from UV radiance.


 Ingredient penetration is through cell membranes , cell collagen and capillary network which nourishes and enriches skin voids with oxygen. Improves the look of skin and structure, restricts voids. Mineral- organic substratum slows the secreting of structured “live” water from the cells, preventing skin drying and ageing, contain balanced natural minerals. Live cells easily recognize cells, choose and completely use naturally harmonically balanced mineral substances, amino acid, saturated fatty acid and enzymes. Cells interactively perceive informatively energetic impulses and bio substrate field getting positive bio energy, vitality and protection. Natural cacao butter is excellent active ingredient which nourishes, smoothes, softens and strengthens skin, protecting it from the climatic influence and UV radiation. Complex from grain and yeast moisture skin but natrium hyalouronate forming thin layer on the skin, keeps active substances on it, maintain normal hydration level at the same time allowing skin breathe freely. Natural antioxidants bond free radicals protecting energetic structures from dissolution ( cell membrane mitochondrion) as well as intensifies cell vitality. Elier mineral-organic bio substratum bonds and excretes toxic substances and cell metabolic products, improves neuro impulse functioning, harmonizing metabolism, slowing void development, skin ageing and wrinkle formation.


Apply on the thoroughly cleaned skin, massage with fingertips using circular movements until it fully penetrates into skin. Use daily.
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