SPA HOME. Regenerating Serum 500 ml
06.07.2009, 15:06
Serum – unique present-day cosmetics replenishing Regenerating and Nourishing Face Mask and Nourishing and Calming Face Cream, intensifies its good effect on skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Elier serum for skin care is made using original recipes and modern biotechnologies. Contains biological Elier substratum, vulnerary plant extracts. Bioactive components intensify skin microcirculation, improve lymph circulation and reduce oedema, extract unnecessary tissue liquid which contains toxins and metabolic products as well as bonds these substances on skin surface. Serum reduces fragility of capillaries, strengthens them, improves oxygen ingesting and skin cell nutrition, provide cells with naturally balanced materials. Antioxidant qualities slow ageing process, colloid systems retain water, do not allow to dry skin cell structures, stabilize hydration and detain eliminating of natural minerals preserving osmotic balance in tissues and creating recovering and regenerating effect. Contain oil complex consisting of grape seed oil, jojoba oil, soy oil and chamomile extract, lavender, rose hip, sea buckthorn, D-panthenol etc.                        

Elier serum helps the best Elier qualities get into the deepest layers of skin. Elier improve tissue blood circulation, nourish skin. Elier prolong skin youth, increasing skin natural protection against negative effects of environment. Retain moisture level in skin.
Apply serum on the thoroughly cleaned skin, massage with fingertips using circular movements until serum fully penetrates into skin. After that use Nourishing and Calming Face Cream. Can be daily used.
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