SPA HOME. Elier Unique - 4 Face Mask Set
06.07.2009, 14:59

Elier mask  - 100% natural product without preservatives, 90% consisting of organic compounds and 10% of minerals necessary to human body. Elier, as biological substratum, easily assimilates in cells as active substances in their consistence are compatible with human cell. Mask can be used for problematic, dry, greasy and tired skin.


With completely natural Elier ingredients mask simultaneously cleans, nourishes and protects skin. It improves skin physiological qualities and vitality. It balances and reduces voids of greasy skin, smoothes dry and sensitive skin, vitalizes and supplements skin lipids. Mask provides energy to mature skin and stimulates generation of new cells, protects skin from free radicals. Its effect is physiological and much more intensive than any synthesized preparations.


The mechanism of effect is in its sanogenic, purifying, regenerating, energizing and micro massage qualities. Elier bond free radicals and neutralize their influence, strengthen immune system, positively influence nerve structure and impulse draining function. Activate formation of new cells, affect cell atrophy, activate the usage of cell energetic and albumen resources. Antioxidant qualities slow ageing process. Colloid systems retain water, do not allow to dry skin cell structures, stabilize hydration and detain eliminating of natural minerals preserving osmotic balance in tissues and creating recovering and regenerating effect. Elier intensify skin micro- circulation, improve lymph functioning and remove oedema, excrete unnecessary void liquid which contains toxins and metabolic products.


Gently apply on the thoroughly cleaned skin. For dry and sensitive skin 5-10 min, the rest skin types 10-20 min. Wash off after 10-20 min. After that use Elier Unique Regenerating Serum and Elier Unique Nourishing and Calming Face cream. For very sensitive skin- before using apply on a small area of skin to try effect of a mask.


Provides skin with unbelievable feeling of comfort, resilience and smoothness.

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