Eliér Cosmetics Company produces unique eco-organic cosmetics
06.07.2009, 18:40
In the very heart of Latvia, in the Baltic State, which is famous for its maidenly nature, Eliēr* Cosmetics produces unique eco-organic cosmetics and gives us an opportunity to feel a connection with nature enjoying full comfort and harmony.
 Eliēr – the only HIGHLY ORGANIC therapeutic mud IN THE WORLD which formed in caves more than 10 million years ago and is a reserve of nature organic structures.

In the XVIII century Catherine II used Eliēr bath to retain her health and youth, to conquer and infatuate her new admirers.
The long study of Eliēr which took ten years and was performed by a group of international scientists showed unbelievable results: UNIQUE ingredient contains more than 800 ORGANIC COMPONENTS as well as all  minerals which are necessary for vitality of body.

Sensational clinical results prove 100% positive influence on skin cell vitality increase and restoration as Eliēr contains biologically active substances which are identical to human skin cell. Eliēr components have a positive impact on blood microcirculation, state of capillary system and lymphatic vessels, improve restoring and regenerating processes, activate immunity of body, stabilize functioning of nervous system, enrich body with micro and macro elements, eliminate toxic and metabolic intermediate products from skin cells increasing their vitality and process of replication, have a real antioxidant effect.


* Eliēr – abbreviation from the word combination of „ellõ liegã era” – life-giving mud of an ancient lake. Ancient Baltic inhabitants used Eliēr to maintain their beauty and longevity, which sediments were deep under the layer of the ancient lake.  Nowadays it became a place of birth and reserve of Eliēr which is found in the territory of Latvia. The only resource in the world!
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